Jennifer Chu and Maise Huff (aka Knockout and Ithinka Can on the track) have been best friends since their first day of Fresh Meat Orientation for the Eastside Roller Girls, but when they get drafted for two different teams they’ll have to figure out if the bond between them is stronger than the pull of a team when a win is on the line.






Notes to Boys (And Other Things I Shouldn’t Share in Public)

A “mortifying memoir.” Miserably trapped in small town Texas with no invention of the internet in sight, Ribon spent countless hours of her high school years writing letters to her (often unrequited) crushes. The big question is: Why did she always keep a copy for herself?

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You Take It From Here

Danielle would do anything for her best friend, Smidge. But she wasn’t prepared for the ultimate last request. In the spirit of Beaches and Steel Magnolias, this honest, hilarious, and heartbreaking novel ultimately asks: How much should we sacrifice for the ones we love the most?

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Going In Circles

Charlotte is stuck at a crossroads, unsure of what to do about her probable impending divorce, the voice of John Goodman that has taken over her brain, or her recent stress-related diagnosis of TMJ. If you think about it, there’s not much left to do but sign up for roller derby. At least that way her life’s bruises are more visible.

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Why Moms Are Weird

When an auto accident has Benny flying across the country to help take care of her mother and sister, she is forced to confront their bigger issues head-on: hoarding, co-dependence, and her mother’s thriving sex life… which might have just resulted in something rashy.

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Why Girls Are Weird

Anna Koval gets through her quarter-life crisis by creating a fantasy identity online, becoming an early Internet celebrity. She thinks she might have found a perfect boyfriend. Only problem is, he thinks she’s the person she’s been pretending to be.

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