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Belinda “Benny” Bernstein doesn’t brag about her life in Los Angeles, but she is proud of her independence. She’s got a job and a place to live, and she even goes out on dates now and again. But when Benny’s mother and sister get into a car accident, she drops everything to fly across the country and help her injured, unemployed mom. The only problem? She wasn’t exactly invited — and back in Virginia she finds herself confronting every issue her family has avoided for years, including her mom’s thriving sex life and her sister’s wild nightlife.

Benny sets about fixing everything she thinks is broken at home, including mounds of clutter and the personal lives of the women she loves. But she soon stumbles upon a stack of letters that may reveal her mother’s darkest secret. Benny only begins to understand her mom when she finds herself in a similar dilemma — torn between someone she can’t have and someone she thinks she shouldn’t have. If Benny doesn’t sort things out before she’s sucked into the family vortex of dysfunction, there’s no telling when she’ll be able to go home again . . . unless this is home, after all.

  • Why Moms Are Weird — novel.
  • Pocket Books. August, 2006.
  • Optioned into a sitcom created by the author for Watson Pond Productions, 20th Century Fox, and American Broadcasting Company, 2006-2007.
  • Optioned into a sitcom created by the author for ABC Family, 2011.


  • “Compassionate…Chick lit fans will identify with this kind, imperfect heroine.” — Publishers Weekly
  • “Ribon’s newest novel is hilarious and heartfelt. Why Moms Are Weird tackles the absurd morass of family with joyful wit and brutal honesty. I barrelled through this book.” — Jill Soloway, writer and co-executive producer of Six Feet Under, and author of Tiny Ladies In Shiny Pants.
  • “…she deserves to immediately be plucked from the chick-lit ghetto — and then poised to knock talentless gimmicks such as Lauren Weisberger and Plum Sykes permanently off the best-seller lists…This joyous, single-sitting read is as bright and witty as it is wise and bittersweet. And Ribon is a sparkling talent who merits more than just cult fame.” — Florida Sun-Sentinel
  • “…the first fifteen pages…was the funniest conversation that I’ve seen in print in a long time. So much so, that I had to read the entire conversation aloud to more than one person. Well developed characters and witty conversation, along with real-life, nobody’s-perfect, characters made for a fun read.” — Book Fetish
  • “Hilarious…bittersweet…delightful…[Ribon] perfectly details the most screwed up family since Laurie Notaro’s” — Fresh Fiction
  • “Engaging…an enjoyable light read with some welcome weight to it.” — Blogcritics.org
  • “Tremendous” — Sun-Sentinel.com
  • “Ribon excels at romantic dialogue. The exchanges between Benny and her two romantic suitors Zack and Mickey are fresh, funny, real and charged with romance and desire.” — Romantic Times
  • “Yes, I’m putting in a big effort here to convince you all to read this book.” — EDGE Providence
  • “Now I don’t want to say it’s girly, but I promise you ladies, she knocked it right out of the vagina with this one.” — Irwin Handleman
  • “Should you read Why Moms Are Weird? Totally. You totally totally should.” — Sugar and Spite
  • “…a hilarious read that you don’t want to miss.” — Book Loons
  • “…a rollicking page-turner…Ribon has crafted Benny to a fully realized, sympathetic protagonist, an intelligent woman who lost her way at some point, but manages to stumble toward happiness. The result is fantastic and satisfying.” — Albuquerque Journal
  • “…a pithy and achingly accurate tale of a family that puts the fun in dysfunctional.” — Fallen Angel Reviews, August 2006
  • “…witty, tender, and snarky moments that make you laugh, tear up and nod your head in understanding. Not to be missed!” — Fallen Angel Reviews, Novemer 2006
  • “Ribon writes chick lit that doesn’t make me want to puke, but even calling it chick lit seems somehow mean.” — Bookslut

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