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Charlotte Goodman has had enough surprises.

In fact, she reached her life’s quotient when her husband of five months walked out on her, only to abruptly change his mind a few weeks later and move back in. Stung by a whiplash of grief, resentment, and confusion, Charlotte calls a time-out, taking a small apartment where she can figure out what she wants. Instead, the thought of making even the simplest choices triggers an anxiety attack. In order to get out of bed in the morning, she must concoct a to-do list for each day, The Plan, one with absolutely no surprises.

“Without The Plan, horrible things can happen. I’m likely to end up sitting on a curb beside a taco truck on Sunset Boulevard, crying over a carne asada burrito, wondering where my marriage went. I can’t handle being the Weeping Burrito Girl.”

Charlotte knows all this self-absorbed introspection isn’t good for her, but she’s running out of people to turn to, as seemingly everyone in her life is pressuring her to make an immediate decision about her future. Then her new friend Francesca—an impulsive, smartass co-worker—offers Charlotte salvation in the unlikeliest of places: the fast-paced, super-tough, bump-and-bruise-filled world of roller derby.

Sure, it’s dangerous. Yeah, she could get hurt. But what’s a little physical pain when healing your soul is at stake? The question is: whether she’s on or off the track, will Charlotte be strong enough to stand on her own two feet?

Going in Circles — Novel. Simon & Schuster. Release date: May 18, 2010.


  • Wal-Mart “ALL YOU” Book club pick, May 2010.
  • Oprah.com Book Club pick, June 2010.
  • “GOING IN CIRCLES is at times a funny and at times a searing, introspective novel about love and loss, separation and self-discovery.” — Fresh Fiction
  • “If Pam broke my heart with Why Girls Are Weird, she completely pulverized it with Going in Circles.  I’m not usually one to force people to read books, but seriously people, if you don’t pick up Going in Circles this summer, you clearly don’t love books enough. Buy it, read it, love it.” — BlogHer
  • “…It’s a more intense read than you’ll get from something with a pink cover. Which is as it should be. “– Lainey Gossip
  • “This is a fantastic book.  I’m really going to attempt to rein in my enthusiasm. Really! This is me attempting to sound like I’m not pushing a book at you.” — Book Addicts
  • “Totally enjoyable reading…I read it in a day and I learned about roller derby and I laughed out loud once and cried a little, and what more do you really want in a book?”– The Unimaginary Book Club
  • “Few writers are as funny as Pamela Ribon, who infuses her novels with satirical humor alongside honest glimpses into our most intimate relationships. Going in Circles is her new novel, a work that blends divorce, heartbreak, roller derby, and friendship into one of summer’s most absorbing reads.” — Largehearted Boy
  • “Emmy-winning screenwriter [<I>sic</i>], actor, library activist, blogger, and popular novelist Ribon turns in a third tale that is at times poignant, but she more than makes up for any sensitivity with plenty of sarcasm, humor, and spirit.” — Booklist
  • “I have read all three of Pamela Ribon’s books, but this was, far and away, my favorite. …Though she takes some of them for granted, Charlotte has people in her corner, and roller derby helps her corner become a whole room. And that is why I enjoyed this book so much.” — Through a Glass, Darkly
  • “This book surprised and delighted me, I actually laughed out loud. I don’t tend to do that while reading. I am a harsh critic and tend to avoid women’s lit for fear of cliches or just plain boredom. GOING IN CIRCLES is a fun mix of modern day slang and euphemisms mixed with class and interest.  A highly enjoyable novel by a talented writer whose time has come.” — Fierce and Nerdy
  • “It’s refreshing to see a chick lit heroine who isn’t just a designer label whore. Charlotte has depth. Sometimes she’s wise, and sometimes she needs a guide to see the obvious — just like a real person.  Ribon has taken us back to chick lit basics, and the floundering genre is all the better for it.” —  All About Romance
  • “This is a fun read. Four stars from me.” — Speed-Reading Book Nerd Reviews
  • “Why am I such a fan? Because Pamie’s professional-grade funny, that’s why, and funny’s a lot harder than it looks.“ — John Scalzi’s Whatever
  • “Definitely her best work yet!”– Pie Not Included
  • “Going in Circles has all the things I love in a quick read, a little humor, a little self deprecation, funny bit players with dramas of their own…it’s just fantastic from beginning to very satisfying end.” — Attic Full of Static
  • “As Pagans I think we can relate to Charlotte’s struggles to find her path and her journey towards self-definition and empowerment.. And I think ultimately there’s a critique of marital expectations and norms within the book that should resonate with Pagan readers.” — The Juggler