1. Mo

    Ha! I needed this today. This laugh may have saved the lives of my 8th graders who are driving me crazy! I love them, I do, but zebras don’t hunt in packs no matter how much you argue with me about it.

  2. Anita K

    Thanks…I needed that laugh. (Side note: I already have the bladder of a pregnant woman. If I ever actually AM pregnant, I am so screwed!)

  3. I think the last time you did this I mentioned scaring David Cross at the UCB Theatre — well, since then, I actually ran into him at a subway stop and introduced myself, passing him a copy of Here Goes Nothing. I then tried to retreat because I know how skittish he is about fans, and he tried instead to have an actual conversation with me — which was just not possible, because my entire body was involuntarily fanfacing.

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