1. Ken Shipley

    Just in time for Not-Valentine’s Day!

    Christmas-time erased my list of “Books I Want”. Always keen to get updates for gift ideas, this will make my Mom very happy.

  2. Tarn

    I’m sure we have all written the contents of this book at some time in our awkward years. You, I’m sure, have just written it better and funnier. Can’t wait!

    Cleaning out my mom’s house this year, I painfully cringed at some of my overly complicatedly folded middle school notes I found in my old room, where I had written that I just couldn’t believe I was changing schools and would somehow have to find a way to live without that boy that I’d never ever spoken to even once. Hee.

  3. Jane

    Found my way here from Scalzi’s site, with hands raised to ward off the air daggers, just to say “Ouch” and to try to resist the urge to write you just the same kind of letter (much discussion of you and I being soul sisters, no doubt). I don’t recall ever having written a letter like that to a boy at that age, but I could so easily have done so. And they’d be *exactly* as cringe-making and inappropriate. Thanks for reminding me how it felt to be a teenager!

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