Notes To Boys (And Other Things I Shouldn’t Share In Public)

Created by: Carlos Romero
Music by: Adam Blau

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  1. Rase

    Hi Pamie! I’m so excited about this book, which I just heard about from NPR’s review (Linda Holmes sent me here, if you will).

    Are there any plans to release this book on kindle? My wife and I read books to each other when we, say, drive to the mall or some other similar escapade with travel time to kill. But it’s the kind of thing you don’t necessarily plan (i.e. while making the five-minute drive home from work, unencumbered by books, we might spontaneously get a craving for takeout from the next town over, a 30-minute round trip), so we only read what we have on our kindle/phone. Your latest seems like the perfect book to add to our list if it will see a digital release.

    1. Rase

      P.S. I have shared this hilarious video with all my friends! Fantastic work!

      1. Pamie

        Goodness, somehow I never saw this comment until now. Just wanted to make sure you knew that there’s an e-book version of NOTES TO BOYS that you can get for your Kindle!

  2. Mike B

    Hi from a newcomer here. I’d originally heard of this book back when Scalzi gave you the “Big Idea” page one day at Whatever (I pop in there every morning, partly because I like his books but also because Whatever is a good description for his anything-and-everything discussions). Whew, was that one sentence?? Sorry about that.

    Anyway, I finally gave up on waiting for a paperback release (the hardcover is surprisingly inexpensive, about Cdn$15 from Amazon) and ordered it last week. Finally arrived this morning via UPS, after unspecified “problems” en route from Vancouver, and naturally had to get into it immediately. It’s simultaneously hilarious and heart-breaking, and a delight to read.

    I’m in my late 60’s now, but was a skinny nerd (that label hadn’t yet been coined then) with glasses in my high-school days. It didn’t help any that I went to an all-boys school, or that I’d skipped a couple of grades so was a couple of years younger than others in my classes, so naturally my social development, especially relating to girls, was somewhat delayed.

    Once I’ve finished with this one, I’ll definitely be interested in checking out your earlier stuff.