1. Pam, I went to the University of Florida! In fact, I will be speaking there on the Thursday of Homecoming week. Taylor should reach out to David Ostroff to get the deets, which have not been cemented. There aren’t many Gators out here — I can literally name all of them: Brad Copeland, Stephen Root, my manager Brad Kaplan, an exec named Paul Lewis, and me. Anyways, I’m happy to share what I know as well.

    • Taylor Moran

      It’s she! haha and thank you both so much! Christy I will definitely reach out to David to find out what the deal is. Anyway we could chat before/after? I would love to speak with you!

    • Amanda

      Can I join in on the Gator love? I’m also a UF grad looking to pursue a career in comedy writing, though I’ve been working in NYC (in advertising, but not as a writer) since graduating in ’05. I’m sadly not going down for Growl this year, but I’d love to e-mail you guys. Taylor, maybe we can figure out how to take Hollywood by storm together!

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