Where To Find Me This Week (Hint: Texas.)

Wednesday: Dallas Quill Awards Gala

It is my first gala. It is my first time being a keynote speaker. I fear that these two firsts will combine to give me a moment like you see in comedy pilots for clumsy-girl-you’re-supposed-to-relate-to-but-will-be-worse-at-life-than-you-are-so-you-feel-a-little-better-about-yourself shows. You know, where I accidentally knock over the podium because I made a joke that didn’t go so well because I didn’t know someone important to the organization had just died of whatever thing I was joking about, and then when I try to fix the podium I accidentally rip off a toupee or two while having no choice but to bust into a freestyle rap about Dallas and then eventually I just grab the mic start talking about Tim Riggins because it’s the only way I know how to get all girls back on my side.

Thursday morning I leave the destruction of Dallas and quills behind as I arrive in Austin for my beloved Austin Film Festival. Normally this is where I say “here’s where you can find me” and just write: Driskill lobby, drinking booze. This year will be an odd experiment, as my forced sobriety will no doubt have me questioning all kinds of choices I’ve made in life in terms of industry, friends, parenting, footwear. When I’m not having a third trimester crisis (or perhaps right in the middle of it), you can catch me at the following panels/events:

Marketing Yourself and Your Script
Thursday, October 18th | 1:00-2:15
Driskill Hotel, Victorian Balcony
(Semifinalists and Above Only) The film industry is a tricky and fickle one, often based on first impressions and building relationships. In this panel, industry professionals will share everything from how to respond to script notes you totally disagree with, to being overlooked for a project, to what to expect from development meetings, and more. Should you try to establish yourself in a specific genre? Should you move to LA? Get a writing partner? Join us for a conversation on how to best market your script and yourself as a writer while successfully navigating your way through the ups and downs of the business. With: Eric Heisserer, Jeff Lowell, Pamela Ribon #yourselfandyourscript

Thursday, October 18th | 2:45-4:00
Driskill Hotel, Citadel Room
In addition to being able to write quickly and well, the successful television writer must also be versed at how to navigate the complex and often stressful social climate of a television show. This requires a skill set which empowers the writer to make quick and diligent adjustments to a script and re-write for changes in budget or location, while being able to master the art of communication with actors, directors and producers. Understanding and respecting the laws of the social etiquette on the set – the “setiquette” – is essential for those who aspire to break into – and stay in – the writers’ room. With Christine Boylan, Kyle Killen, Matthew Gross, Meta Valentic (I’m moderating) #setiquette

Austin Pitch #3
Friday, October 19th | 10:45-12:00
St. David’s Episcopal Church, Vestry Conference Room
It’s the 10th Annual Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition! Give your best pitch in 90 seconds and secure your spot in the finals at the Pitch Finale Party on Saturday evening. With: Amy Talkington, Pamela Ribon #AFFpitch

Young Filmmakers Pitch Session #2
Friday, October 19th | 3:15-4:30
Driskill Hotel, Victorian Balcony
Co-sponsored by the Mobile Film School, the student pitch session gives high school students the opportunity to pitch their best story ideas to industry professionals in an encouraging setting where they receive constructive feedback. (High School Students only)
With: Jenny Lumet, Max Landis, Pamela Ribon

Chicks with BICS
Saturday, October 20th | 10:45-12:00
Driskill Hotel, Victorian Balcony
Women make up a small percentage of writers in Hollywood, and working toward a full-time career requires paying dues and lots of flexibility. While being a woman in the industry can be a demanding and laborious journey, female artists are constantly changing the landscape of film for the better. Come chat with devoted women screenwriters about their stories, viewpoints, and advice. This film is co-presented by Women in Cinema. With: Aline Brosh McKenna, Dana Stevens, Nkechi Okoro Carroll, Pamela Gray, Pamela Ribon #ChickswithBICS

Special Writers Roundtable
Saturday, October 20th | 3:00-5:00
Driskill Hotel, Citadel Club
Writers’ roundtables are famous in Hollywood for punching up the story and comedy of a script with a team of professional writers. The 2012 Sitcom Pilot winner will have the opportunity to participate in a special writers’ roundtable with leaders in the television field critiquing their script. Whatever jokes or changes the pros throw out, the winning writer will be able to cherry-pick what they think might be helpful to the teleplay. With: Alec Berg, Malcolm Spellman, Pamela Ribon, Pat Hazell, Tim Talbott

Don’t these panels sound fantastic? And this is only like, .035% of them! If you haven’t gone to AFF before, don’t miss out another year. It’s part writing camp, part nerdfest, and if you do it right you can score yourself a year’s worth of meetings, connections and valuable information in less than five days.

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  1. Heidi

    Have a ball, Pam! Safe travels!

  2. Arleigh Hays

    It may have been your first gala, but you didn’t knock over the podium. Although the centerpiece of the table in front of me made it seem that really tall twigs and red sunflowers were cracking wise about writing, we knew it was actually you! Everyone at my table enjoyed your keynote. So much so that I visited your blog to learn more!

  3. Emi

    Pamie you were a fantastic panelist at ‘Chicks with BICS’!

    I really enjoyed chatting with you for a minute after the panel. I’ll keep you posted on how thing go.
    Thanks again for charging me up towards late nights of writing!