Why I Don’t Usually Let Strangers Use My Camera

In the stranger’s defense, he was a drunk man at The Flora-Bama, offering to help three drunk idiots take their picture behind a painted piece of wood.

First he managed to somehow take a picture of himself.


Then one with his hand over the flash and lens.


Then he was like, “Y’all, wait! I got this! I promise you I WILL get this picture taken, drunk strangers! Ready? I did it! Perfect!”


… I do kind of love this picture, though. It is definitely what the moment felt like.

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  1. Al

    I cannot stop laughing. That guy was so NICE. He volunteered and everything! The picture he took of himself made me cry.

    1. Pamie

      I don’t remember him standing thirty thousand feet back, is the thing. I guess we’re lucky he didn’t trip in the sand.

  2. Easy O

    Maybe the guy was actually doing a complex performance art piece, demonstrating that um…uh. I don’t know. But the pictures are kind of accidentally awesome!

  3. Robyn

    Okay, I’ll be honest – when I saw the thumbnail and the title of this post, I definitely thought it was a blurry close-up of a paunchy man have sex with a pudgy/pregnant woman from behind. Crazy.

    1. Allison Lowe

      Oh, my God. Now I can’t unsee that.

      1. Pamie

        Augh! Now I see it, too!!