1. Well, one woman’s “defaced” is another woman’s “top-ten LA story.” Also, that book you gave me has developed an ego; it knows it’s the prettiest. It’s the Regina George of my bookshelf.

  2. […] to buy the tickets many, many months in advance, so I chose refundable tickets in case I’d rubbed my magical vulva the right way and a sitcom job fell out. Buying tickets that were refundable was so expensive it […]

  3. […] Pam has written a lot on her blog about her career writing for television — she’s worked on a bunch of shows, including the underappreciated Samantha Who?, which starred Christina Applegate as well as a not-yet-Oscar-nominated Melissa McCarthy. She’s written about what she does in the off-season, and she’s done a little speaking out about women getting hired in writers’ rooms. […]

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