1. Heather

    Pamie, can I just say you are the most bad-ass person in the history of ever? Because it’s one thing to be afraid of something (I would be afraid of guns, too, but I think it’s because I’m Canadian), but it’s a whole other thing to do that thing you were afraid of and be good at it.

  2. Jessi

    Two years late, but I had to comment on this because I just stumbled across it today… just a few days after I shot a gun for the first time ever. My husband grew up in the country and his family always had guns around and thought nothing much of it. I’d never even seen a gun up close until Husband decided he wanted to buy one. (And then buy another, then another, then… but that’s a whole other story.) Husband took me shooting at a field that looks a lot like the one in your pic there.

    “So, shooting a gun. It’s not that scary. But first: IT TOTALLY IS.” That so perfectly captures how I felt about it! I wasn’t panicky but I was nervous and that never totally went away. My brain kept flipping between “This really *isn’t* that scary after all; I can totally do this” and “OMG I AM HOLDING A SHOTGUN WTF AM I DOING?!”

    I’m probaly going to bookmark this entry so I can re-read it the next time he wants to take me shooting.

    PS: I *love* that you mentioned Watership Down—that’s my favorite book of all time.

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