me, me, me, dan

First, a letter:

I have way too much time on my hands. Makes me think of you at your desk job in ’98. Why is that memory so fresh in my mind? I decided to read your blog right from the beginning in September. I just got up to 28JAN99 when I realized that I’ve only made an 8 month dent in a 84 month history (give or take a few months).

With that in mind, I made a tally of how many entries you’ve done so I can make a goal of finishing by say, next year.

819 from February ’99 to August ’05. If I wanted to be done in 45 days I’ll have to read 18.2 entries a day. I’m going to aim for 6 a day, and try for April. Damn you and your interesting tales!

Quickly, too, in regards to your ‘writer’s ear + office ass = runner’s tears.‘ Take a look at this entry. Near the bottom there’s a quote – “I swear I’m going to have ear problems when I get older.” Thought that was cute.

Thanks Pamie! You’ve been a great inspiration and good luck with Hot Properties, lady.


Poor Stacey. She couldn’t have predicted that my awesome web hosting company would upgrade their servers, so that now AB’s fantastic movable type redesign is in full effect. This means I’ve been able to import…all the Blogger archives. So, Stacey, you’re going to need to add a few hundred entries to your math.

And for those of you who wish they could come here and just read Dan, his section has been completely restored as well.

Since we’re already talking about me, I’ll go ahead and show you what I discovered on my latest ego-search. If you put my name into Amazon, some interesting stuff happens. Not only to my books come up, but then you get a list of books written by friends of mine. Then you get a lot of anime. Now as far as I can tell, my name isn’t on the Amazon entries for the anime. So I’m not sure why I’m popping up, other than Amazon seems to actually be a fan of mine. I was a voice actor for City Hunter, and I wrote the American dubs of Lost Universe, but how does Amazon know that?

And then there’s this: lately, when you go to the page for Why Girls Are Weird, the companion book it offers for a combined discount is The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer. This is a book I have nothing to do with (normally they suggest Tara’s book (as her book’s page suggests mine right now), which, at least I’m mentioned in, and she’s a great friend of mine and that all makes sense), but more interestingly, this marathon book seems to have been picked out of my Amazon wish list, but it wasn’t in my wish list. It’s just something I would have added to my wish list, if I had known about it. Now, does that mean many of you who read my book are into non-marathon training like I am, and therefore one book leads to the other, or again… is Amazon just really into knowing fun facts about me?

Why my sudden healthy paranoia of software thinking about me? I don’t know. This is what happens when I spend most of my day with a laptop in my face.

Tomorrow I’ll write about the entry that’s been forming called “if we’re cancelled/if we’re not cancelled.” Until then, I’ve imported close to one thousand blogger entries. That ought to keep some of you busy for a couple of hours.

[Why, yes. I am supposed to be finishing my manuscript this weekend. How did you know?]

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