Sexie Blind Item Report

This newly-single Mensa maven followed the wrong instinct when she slowly strolled into Hollywood’s Wiltern Saturday night wearing almost the exact same get-up as the man of the evening, hairstyle included. Only the older diva had slightly smaller breasts.

This unmatched power duo seemed to be unclear on the concept of “intermission,” as this couple left the screamingly funny first act only to take a couch right inside the lobby for a power sit, ignoring at least one of their famous friends…

… who spent his Emmy-eve triple-taking and hob-nobbing in the smokers area. Apparently the one with the addictions still has a couple to overcome. (Sources noted he craned his neck over the crowd on more than one occasion, searching for his ex-girlfriend, a certain newly-exposed recap-stealer.)

This former VJ/comedian made sure nobody got any home video of him as he strode with purpose to the bathroom during intermission.

The boss of the mezzanine was this petite cutie, fresh from her stint on The Ortegas, charming the first three rows of fans. She dashed from one side to the other, flashing her collection of skin ink, ready to jump into any open arms for a hug.

The god of the majestic lobby had no qualms standing solo before the show, wearing a mask of warmth and a cloak of untouchability. He had one thing in common with ace reporter and author/journaler who purposefully stood beside him: hatred of a certain Roxie with Botoxed moxie.

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