Blaine Watch Update

From Catronia:

The madness continues. Spreads.

Legoland, a theme park at Windsor has a miniature London, made from Lego bricks. They’ve added a new attraction

Which amuses me greatly.

Still no sign of him escaping, falling “dead” from the box and
reappearing moments later in the river, an email prediction from “those in the know”, which most of the country has now received (he vanishes from the box on day 39 apparently). Nor is there any sign of him doing anything that could be remotely classified as “magic”. He could at least do a couple of card tricks for the entertainment-starved masses underneath…

From Annie:

I thought you might like to see this lovely picture of DB (known around this parts at ‘the eejit in the glassbox’) from today’s Sun. We passed over Tower Bridge on Sunday but he seemed to be having a snooze and didn’t rouse himself at the sound of us tooting the horn.

We are planning on making a return trip someday soon, complete with picnic as appartently it is ‘the place’ to be seen at the moment – recent visitors include Sir Paul McCartney and all the papers are writing ‘serious‘ articles about what he’s doing, what the crowds around him are doing and what it says about us, the media and life in general.

My favourite story so far though has to be about the tabloid newspaper who organised a remote control helicopter to hover outside the glass box with a big mac attached to it!

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