Lots of People

and great LA moments

I almost crashed my car earlier today when I drove past a woman who looked so unusual that I couldn’t stop staring. She was wearing white wrapping around her head like she had the mumps, and on top of that she had a neon pink beret. She was wearing a black vinyl minidress. Black tights and black spiked boots. I could not stop looking.

The other day Ray and I saw an interesting yellow truck. He pulled over so we could see the painting on the back. The back of the truck had a painting of this brook with three women emerging from the water. In the back of the little brook there was some land. There, parked on the edge of the water, was the truck.

Y’all. He painted his truck on his truck. I couldn’t believe it. And I imagine the three women are the holy trinity of his baby’s mama, his other baby’s mama and his baby’s mama’s sister.

There’s also a large electronic billboard that advertises the West Hollywood Orchestra. But they shorten it to the W. H. Orchestra. But they shorten it even further to the WHOrchestra. The whorchestra, people. You can’t make this up.

The first of our company has officially arrived. Sitting on my porch right now are five people. By the end of the day another four will arrive. Then more get here tomorrow. When I tell you that Ray doesn’t always think things through, that’s a major understatement in this case. He forgot to add me, him, Chris and Allison.

There are sixteen people staying in my apartment this weekend.

Eighteen if you factor in the sizes of Cal and Taylor.

This is not a dorm. I do not know how they all expect to sleep on the floor. They said they’re going to sleep on blankets and towels. There is no way a hardwood floor can be comfortable. I’m guessing that by the time these kids finish their third case of beer, they’re going to wander around looking for hotel rooms.

Because Ray hasn’t mentioned it, but I’m pretty sure these people are here until Monday. Now, they’re all great people, but there’s only one bathroom in this place.

I’m more than nervous.

I’m just going to try and sit back and have fun. Hey, hey. It’s a bit of a party.

My neighbors are going to shudder at the mention of the word “y’all.”

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