Why You Should Thank Ray

I’m grounded. Yesterday afternoon

Miss Pam.

Yes, Ray?

You call this an entry?

No, I know. I’m still sick and I was busy all day.

This is not an entry, young lady.

It’s better than writing nothing. That way everyone knows I’m busy and not dead. I don’t want anyone getting worried.

“Oh, wah! I’m sick! I’m busy! I have to work! Now click on something! Make me money! Make my content for me!”

Okay. Gah.

“I’m so wonderful. I don’t have to write my journal. I’ll just sit back and let you play on the forum. Now click on something.”

I got it, Ray.


So, hi.

The weekend of crazy has started. Chris has just arrived and he’s soaking up the Hollywood sun and sipping on some Tivo. This trip I’ve promised to actually show him a few things in this town and not just have him help me move my stuff and unpack.

It’s also stee’s birthday, and so there’s some celebrating going on. I celebrate every single day that he’s alive, but I’m glad there’s a day where everyone has to give him some props.

I also have class tonight. These are not excuses; this is what’s going on.

Mostly I’d just like to say that I’m really having a great time lately. I’m feeling comfortable in this city, and I think I’m working it like I should be. Things are happening. Friends are good. My apartment feels like home. All grown-up stuff has been taken care of. I’m hoping the upcoming strike doesn’t hurt my potential for this summer. I’ll just have to find other ways to get seen. I don’t know. This is all new for me. I’m learning new things every day. That’s exciting to me.

I guess Spring has made everyone a bit busy, because other than Michelle and Nique (and a recent call to Anna), I don’t get to hear much from my Austin friends these days. But just in case one of you is still reading here: I miss the shit out of you. I hope you’re all doing well.

And now I have to get my party digs in order, as Ray’s having about twelve Texans over this weekend. Allison is on her way. Ray is throwing a weekend-long party. I hope all of my things survive.

I’m just sort of having a little Spring Break after working pretty feverishly over the past couple of months. I’m really enjoying it.

Time for some fun in the sun.

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