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Ray’s home.

He’s learning how to play his new fishing game. Eric is on the computer. I’m on my computer. There are tons of new books and CDs around me. The three of us may never have an actual conversation again.

So, this past weekend I met The Mighty Kymm (check that link for her take on the meeting). She was very cool and nice and brought presents. What more could you ask for?

But I don’t think I convinced her to love Peaches.

It’s funny, because while we were waiting for her to show up, every other person we said, “Is that her?” even though I was pretty sure I’d recognize her if I saw her. I always do that when I’m meeting journallers for the first time. “Is that him?” You always know the second you see them. But for a few seconds before hand you wonder if perhaps they’ve been lying all this time and they actually look completely different.

But if you’re meeting someone with purple hair and a nose ring, chances are you’re gonna recognize her when you see her.

The other night I ended up watching a videotape of myself from ten years ago. How strange. All of these people that were in my life when I was young (some of which are still around). Watching how I used to goof off with my sister, or make stupid videos where I’d have her dress up and say lame jokes I’ve made up. Watching how I used to think I was pretty weird in a group of people that didn’t understand me. Watching myself blush in front of boys. Silly. It was strange to watch myself and know that back then I couldn’t see past this high school world I was living in, and how I spent an awful lot of time eating and talking on the phone. There was a clear moment in the tape when you’ve gone forward a year. It’s noticeable not only because my hair is completely different, but my attitude completely changes. It was the year I started doing theatre. I’m even wearing my high school theatre shirt, sick as a dog, playing “Kountry Kitchen Yum Yum” with my sister and our neighbor. Like, half an hour of tape of us goofing around making grilled cheese sandwiches. Some of it was quite embarrassing, and I probably wouldn’t have sat through it if my friend wasn’t having such a great time making fun of how silly I was.

What else haven’t I caught up on?

The Weezer show was incredibly fun. They didn’t play for as long as I’d like, and they weren’t selling t-shirts, but you know, it’s Weezer. I’m always happy. If you could see into the balcony in these pictures, you’d be able to see us. You can’t, so only follow the link if you’re interested in seeing pictures of Weezer.

Now due to the “am i hot or not” article and photograph of me on the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper, I’ve been getting lots of email from Austin men telling me that I am hot and that they’d like to date me. My mom would be so proud.

I’m really just checking in, here. It’s been kind of vacation mode for the past couple of days around here. Yesterday we went to Santa Monica and I spent too much money buying girlie-girl things for myself.

Ray just caught his first fish. We’re all very proud. I played that game for two hours and I never caught a damn thing.


New section:

For whenever I remember, anyway.

For Christmas I got the “YM Girlz Rule!” Day of the week calendar. I figure we can all learn a few things from this.

And since we missed yesterday:



January 1, 2001


Attitude Adjustments

Making “better bod” resolutions for 2001? Keep in mind:

1. The numbers on the scale mean nada: Muscles weighs more than fat.

That means… I’m the strongest woman IN THE WORLD! Fear me!

2. Guys like girls who know how to live, so order that chocolate mousse!

Y’all, ordering mousse is no way to live. Seriously.

3. Set realistic goals and aim for strength, not getting skinny.

Well, okay.



January 2, 2001


Skin Sins

To get a great glow, kick these bad beauty habits pronto!

1. Smoking: It dries out skin and speeds up the wrinkling process– not to mention the death process!

Jokes are not their strong point, people.

2. Squeezing pimples: This can bring on inflammation, infection and scarring.

But it’s FUN.

3. Skipping sunscreen: It can result in dark spots, rough patches, wrinkles, even skin cancer. Always use moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher.

No, really. Use sunscreen, y’all.

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