i’m a big not moving sack of worthlessness

This new Springer cam depresses the hell out of me. I miss when Jerry Springer was fun to watch. That was like, four years ago, I know. I know that. I can hold onto a dream like no one else. For real.

My David Blaine recap is up on Mighty Big TV.

Today I sat around, wrote some holiday cards, sat around, watch Swingers and then sat around on my bed for like, hours. I just feel incredibly lazy. Not even lazy. Tired. I’m tired. This is the first day in I don’t know how long that I didn’t have a deadline or a plan or something I had to get finished or go out and do. I just sat here. Yeah, I need to get that Santa project finished up and there are more cards to send, but really I can wait on all of those things until tomorrow. When my head is clear.

Oh, man. Jerry Springer is now very very depressing.

I watched Ice Skating and a 21 Jump Street that didn’t even have Johnny Depp in it today just because I didn’t feel like doing anything.

Slob. I’m just a slob today.

I suppose it’s okay to have the occasional slob day. But I realize that I’d never be able to just be one of those people that sits at home all day. I start feeling guilty. I felt guilty that I hadn’t written an entry yet. That’s why I’m here now. I don’t even have anything to talk about. Just here.

Just babbling.

Just thinking about the past year.

Now Howard Stern is depressing me. I’m turning the television off.

So maybe tomorrow I’ll know what to talk about. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have my head back, or some sort of clarity. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find some words.

Tonight I’m just wondering why Ray got the rotary phone in our living room working and I wonder how much time we have before the six thousand lights on the porch will catch on fire.

Yeah, what a waste of cyberspace. Sorry, y’all. Just didn’t want you worrying about me with a long weekend or whatever.

I know how some of you get.

“Yeah. Soon you’ll start really writing entries again, right? Man, make the cats talk or something.”

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