The Brush-Off

nothing personal

I’m actually trying to get things accomplished around here. Like today, I cleaned my car. Huzzah! I hadn’t really done that before, get down and clean the windows and floors and stuff. It’s time for me to actually start on the living room so it doesn’t look like I sit around here all day doing nothing.

For proof, you can see what my past two days have been like. My new Gilmore Girls recap is up, as well as the Road Rules recap that I did for stee since he’s out of town. Lord, those Road Rules kids are strange.

Also, if you haven’t seen the squishy song parodies we’ve got going on, you’re missing out. Join in. It’s fun!

In other news, I actually had to call Eric this morning to ask how I can get Cal to stop attacking me in my sleep. He kept whining and moaning and then attacking any exposed body part. I even got up to check his food. He just wanted to play rough. He’s one of those morning types. Great.

Okay, back to the cleaning grind. Man. Messy. This place is messy.

And Ray spent a good part of last evening explaining the new apartment. I think I’m gonna like it there.

There’s a Coffee Bean at the end of the block!


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