Boxed In.

clutter in the dark may be more dangerous than it appears.

My apartment is now both disgusting and dangerous. Last night, on my routine trip through the dark to my side of the bed, I forgot I had put boxes and crates in the way, tripped on them, flipped them over, flipped myself over, jacked up my leg and foot and narrowly missed falling on an exacto knife. We quickly applied ice and I put my foot up immediately. It was bizarre watching the blood flow instantly into a gigantic bruise on the top of my foot, and then watch it drain away as I held my foot over my head.

For the first time in my life, I think I beat the bruise. Only the one on my foot, however, since I couldn’t elevate everything. But that one was looking to be the nastiest.

Yesterday was rough. I felt like hell, after a particularly inebriated Wednesday night. Chuy and I went and got our hair done, as that’s what you do to fix a hangover. I really like my haircut. Not that it’s anything different, but I think I haven’t had a haircut in almost a year. The difference shows.

I confirmed the movers today. I called the vet today. Prescriptions are currently being refilled. This shit is on. I’m all moving and stuff.

For further information on my past week, you can read stee’s two-day account. He leaves out the part where I was so far in the back during his awards ceremony that I was literally seated with a woman with a dog.

I’m gonna get back to work. The forum is much fun right now, so go introduce yourself.

Have a good weekend.

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