Weekly Review

i think the week is getting longer

So, what have I learned this week?

I learned that there are some years where the Super Bowl doesn’t matter to Eric.  In fact, I only knew it was time for the Super Bowl because Howard Stern was talking about it.  For this, I thank him, as it proves that he’s not a big sports freak like I always make him out to be.  I was wrong.  He was right.

I learned that sometimes it’s not the best call to make fun of your boyfriend’s taste in music, and that if he likes a band because it reminds him of you (no matter how bad the band), you should be flattered.  When all else fails, tell him how right he is about something unrelated to the music argument. If all else fails, buy him tickets to the Foo Fighters/Chili Peppers show. Shut your mouth when he says right to your face that the Chili Peppers “suck.”

You can really screw up Photoshop. Big time. When that happens, the best thing to do is whine and moan and throw a fit in your office. When people stare at you and think that you might in fact throw yourself out the window, try fixing it by doing the first thing that you did to fix it four hours previously. When it suddenly works without any further explanation, run around the hallway screaming about how you’re a God Damn Genius.

You might think you’ve got some sort of sexy eye goo, but you ain’t got shit compared to other people. Man.

My handheld organizer is changing my life.

They will never cancel Get Real, no matter how bad it gets. Luckily I get to be pissy for sixteen pages of venom and then Wing just posts it. It also inspired Beth to realize just how much of a goddess I truly am, so I guess some good came out of the whole thing. After she wrote to vote for “big-chested floozy” in the self-esteem defeaters, I think she reconsidered. She now thinks I’m a string of people and started linking to my page about three times from hers, so I think she’s worried that I’m gonna sic all of my selves on her over this whole stee thing. And for the record, ladies. It’s left column that’s up for auction, not Eric.

I learned that making a webpage consisting of a whole bunch of links doesn’t make an entry come out any faster. How do you guys do those weblogs?

People are very generous and click buttons when you ask them to. Thanks so much. You guys helped out tremendously.

Sometimes little snowflakes make me happy. I wish it would snow here.

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