The Office Tour

Office Slide Show

This is the view on my left when I’m sitting down.

Right now it is basically a bunch of software installation disks

and CDs. The coffee cup is overturned because I have a tendency to

fill it with coffee and then forget to clean it and it turns moldy.

These pictures are crappy. Sorry.

Right in front of me.

That’s a picture of me and Eric in San Francisco.

Notice the impossible place I keep my mouse.

I am Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

(I’m not this short)

To the left of me, after a chair swivel.

Note the iBook webcam on perpetual repeat.

This image is crappy.

That’s the bag I carry CDs to work in.

That’s a Breeders postcard above the iBook.

Okay, if you were kind of standing over my

shoulder like my boss does, this is the view.

There’s the Visor Handspring, for those of you who

were curious. On the screen I’m attempting to make a

banner using Macromedia Director. I suck and have to

just modify the tutorial and attempt to pass it off as

my own creation just to impress my boyfriend.

This is the “crap” section of the right area of my

desk. I’ve got too many water bottles. I don’t really

like Austin Powers this much, but just like my Pooh things,

they just sort of pile up. That green tree toy was a present from

Wing Chun. That’s my Slinky. That candy is from Christmas.

More Christmas things I’ve yet to take home.

That’s today’s paper with my article. That’s my

office Christmas stocking. I really need to clean up around

here. More work to do piled up on top of the paper. The Dr. Evil

thing in the back is a Shagadelic Shaker which makes

Long Island Iced Teas. The guy across the hall from me

left it when he changed jobs.

This is much more boring than I had planned.

…As if I had planned on it being at some level of boring.

This is part of a poster over my desk.

I told you I had one.

The Post-It over Ginger Spice has a question mark

on it. Still no word on who to put in that slot, but I bet

I’ve got to put a Post-It over Sporty pretty soon.

It’s a wonder I even get a paycheck.

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