the aftermath

the happy headache


We opened mad presents yesterday, yo.

I’m typing this wearing my new Melty t-shirt that Eric bought for me. It’s so happy and pretty and I love it so. I keep going back to this site to check out my new gift (which will be here in six to eight weeks). Eric really spoiled me this year.

And so did all of you. If you’re interested in checking out my haul, see here. It’s linkerific.

After we opened all of our gifts we sat back and exhaled like we had just eaten a very large meal. We looked over the boxes and wrapping paper and gifts and I said, “Gosh, my world got alot larger this year.” “It sure did,” Eric said. “Isn’t it great?”

We bought Cal thirty dollars in cat toys. He ate an box and rolled around in the wrapping paper.

It was really late (Eric’s flight came in after ten) so we basically went right to bed afterwards. Eric has today off, so he keeps calling me at work to brag about which video game he is now playing.

Well, his last phone call was to ask what is wrong with the washing machine. It seems I done broke it good. He’s gonna try and fix it (there’s a burning smell?) and then call “the machine people.” D’oh!

My updates might be sporadic between now and Tuesday, as Eric’s brother and his girlfriend (Eric’s brother’s girlfriend, not Eric’s girlfriend, you) are coming into town tonight. They are here for the new year (or A2K, as it’s being dubbed here in Austin… yeah, I know).

Basically I’m just wishing all of you a kick-ass new year. Now I’m going to go get a venti caramel macchiato, the only thing that soothes my one-beer hangover.

I realize that I didn’t really say anything in this entry that is either informative or entertaining, but what do you people want? It’s the holidays. I’m tired. I just can’t sit here and amuse all of you day after day after day! I…Want…TO LIVE!

Oh, and I updated the books section, so stop complaining.

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