joy sauce

haiku for the hungover

Good-bye party fun.
All my good friends showed up there.
They made me feel good.

we played poker late.
i think tequila was there.
hey i won twelve bucks.

I wanted Katz’s.
And now there’s delivery!
Yankee Pot Roast!  Woo!

I called the deli.
They discriminate, you know.
My zip code is bad.

Since I was pouty
Mical got me Chinese food
Then I felt better.

I had some weird dreams.
My mansion was on fire.
I saw Lillith run.

The fire fixed her.
She was healthy again.
She was running fast.

I was so happy
I didn’t mind my burnt house.
I had my kitty.

Woke up to Taylor
pushing his fuzzy face to
the top of my head.

No more MSG
Well, not that late anyway.
I think that did it.

Eric is taking
me out to lunch right now.  He
suggested Katz’s.

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