we’re having spaghetti

Late posting– sorry. I’ve been training people all morning.

Last night was spent eating lots and lots of meat products at the Salt Lick, and a fun time was had by all. By all I mean our posse of nine that included Eric’s dad. By the end of the meal we were giddy with sausage and ice cream and we ended up joking about this and that and somehow Weldon and Chuy began talking about spanking Cathy for being a “bitch.” All in jest, of course, but I think that was the moment that Eric decided it was time for us to leave. Chuy looked at me in the middle of raising the roof and said, “I sort of forgot there was a parent at the table.”

“That’s apparent,” I replied, attempting a feeble pun.

So we rolled home and spent the evening watching television and reading. This morning I dragged myself out of bed at the crack of dawn to Tae Bo in the time between when Eric’s dad left the house to take Eric to work and the time he would return. I estimated with morning traffic I had a good half hour to get cardioed. I finished working out, took a shower, got dressed…

and still had two hours before I had to be at work.

That sucked. Eric’s dad didn’t come back until just before I was leaving. Eric must have said something to him about dawdling so that I could work out in peace. Whatever it was, I’ve been up since very early in the morning. I’ve been training people all day. I decided to treat myself for getting up so early by making a stop at Best Buy on my way to work to pick up some CD’s (since the Eminem “My Name Is” song has been in my head for 48 hours). Guess what? Best Buy was closed. I had to wait around fifteen minutes for the doors to open, and then I was late to work. I couldn’t not buy the CD’s, you see? Anyway, here it is three hours later and I’m just starting to listen to them.

I’ve been put on a big project at work today, so that’s all the time I have for an entry. Tech support: the work comes in waves.

Whenever my father would say, “We’re having spaghetti,” my sister and I always knew that it meant we were cooking our own meals that evening because both of my parents were going to be home late. It meant, “Fend for yourself,” without him actually having to say, “Fend for yourself.”

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