“the wind,” cried taylor.

and why you should wear your seatbelt

This morning we had a sort of a wind storm. It’s still windy right now, but it is more under control. Early in the morning however, it was so cold and windy that Taylor Dejardan (hater of wind) woke me up by running over my body back and forth. I got up and followed him into the hallway, where he looked terribly frightened. I picked him up and held him to me. I knew he was frightened when he let me pet him and kiss his head. I took him back into my bedroom, closed the window, and tried to put him in the bed with me. This is where he got manly again. He saw that the window was closed and he no longer needed my protection, so he kicked me with one foot, as if to say, “Eh, lady? I am not interested in your girlie germs. I do not need this bed, like the other wimps who sleep with you. Now, I’m going to go and sit at the foot of this bed, not because I desire it’s safety or protection or warmth, but rather because I feel that I should protect you while you sleep. I won’t even sleep, I’ll just sit here. Now you go to sleep. Don’t look at me anymore, I’m fine. Put your head down.” And when I glanced again, he was wrapped in a ball at the foot of the bed, sound asleep.

Sometimes even the manliest of cats need a good cuddle.

I am terribly stuffed up today. I feel fine, but I can’t breathe through my nose. That sucks. And I still haven’t gotten my network working. It’s pissing me off.

Yesterday I used all of my video game knowledge accrued over the years at once. I was driving to the football game. There were four people in my car, including me. As I was driving down the (rather busy) street, a car decided to make a left hand turn, head-on in front of me. Now, I guess the driver of the car saw me and the car next to me barrelling towards him, so instead of speeding up and completing the turn, he slammed on the brakes. I was also slamming on my brakes, but when I saw that he was stopping right in front of me, I hit the gas, swerved to the left, the right, and the left– and completely avoided all of the oncoming traffic. The car didn’t stop, didn’t squeal, and I don’t think I even left a skid mark. Since both of the other cars panicked and hit their brakes, my car just swerved right between and around both of them. I was shaking terribly when it was over, so I pulled over for a bit.

“I can’t believe we didn’t hit them,” Eric was saying. “Your car would have been totalled. We were going about twenty-five or so right when we were right in front of the car.”

Apparently I did exactly what you are supposed to do to avoid a collision. And I gained all of that experience from years and years of car racing video games. See? They do have some value. So how come my car insurance is still so high? Do they not know they are dealing with a hero?

I never saw the face or the plates of the guy who almost rammed into my car. I just looked at the open road, and where my little Protege needed to go. And since I never stopped the car when we were safe (because I didn’t want to get hit from behind), I never saw if the person who was driving had any remorse. That’s what I regret… not being able to get out of the car and give the guy the stink-eye for almost ruining our holiday. For putting me and my closest friends in jeopardy. For almost breaking my car. For being a dumb driver. He at least deserved the whispered “asshole” on that one, but I was so intent on saving us that I never even got to honk the horn.

The new play is finished. I’m in the rewriting period. Are you proud of me?

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