losers snooze

the calm before the storm

Tomorrow we leave for Vegas. Yeah, baby. It will be my 21st month anniversary with Eric. 21. A good number to go to Vegas with, as Eric noted.

No updates for a couple of days, but I’m going to try and keep a paper journal and transcribe it to here. I’ve never done that before, but I’ll see how it works.

Yesterday we went to an Austin IceBats game. We lost, but just barely, at the very end… so we got our ten dollars worth, I think.

You can tell by the silence in the apartment that Maryland must have lost the basketball game against Duke. The television is off, the cigarettes are away, and I think Eric went for a nap. Without testosterone constantly supplying the male body with energy, he is forced to take a sleep break. I’ll have more on my probing male expose after my trip to Vegas, where we will study the effects of cash, pumped oxygen and sleep deprivation on the male psyche. I’m sure we will all learn something.

I’m having problems with my damn network again.

Hopefully when I return, the machine will start acting better. That’s how I deal with computers. Treat them like pets. If you ignore them for a little while, they start to behave.

So, now I think I shall go take a nap, as the lull of the room is calling to me. The female mind is attracted to likeness. Well, that and seeing an opportunity to spoon. Never miss that chance. No, sir.

See you Friday.

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