a gift for you

a headache for me

So, I just wrote this huge entry, when my machine shut itself down and erased it.

So, to recap, since I’m angry:

  • I talked for a bit that Y2K is this year’s answer to El Nino, and everything that goes wrong will be blamed on that.
  • We got a bit drunk last night.
  • We welcomed in the new year with a small gathering of friends.
  • Today we nursed our hangovers by going out and playing football.
  • I made four touchdowns.
  • I was voted MVP of the game.
  • I decided to show you what I look like.
  • I’m three years old in that picture.
  • I just got a Sesame Street Playhouse in that picture. It was a great toy.
  • In that picture you also see my Aunt Lori and my cousin Cool Chris.
  • And this machine is still screwing up, so I’m angry and I’m done for the day.

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