to auld lang syne

whatever that means

Eric is home.

He’s brought his little brother home with him. We had our Christmas. Two words:

Bouncing. Tigger.

I also got a scanner, so in a way Eric bought a gift for all of you. I got some new clothes, the Lauryn Hill CD, the Unkle CD, and two books:

Free to Be… You and Me and Free to Be… a FamilyThe stories and songs I heard in grade school that told me that I could be anything that I wanted to be when I grew up, that it’s good if boys want to play with my dolls, and that it’s not always best to have “Ladies First.” My first feminist novel. The film is out of print, and I’ve been dying to find one. This collection of stories and songs is the closest I’ve found yet.

Sesame Street Unpaved If you have someone in your life who loves Sesame Street, or who grew up on it, or who (like me) learned the alphabet from it– there’s no better gift. It’s absolutely beautiful. It has all the great old sketches and songs from the beginning of the show. It has sections for each muppet (the Grover section is twice as long as the Elmo– hell, yeah!). It has trivia, interviews, little known facts, and tons of pictures. There’s even a Bert flip book. I couldn’t stop crying as I read it. It’s so many great childhood memories packed in a bound book. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received.Christmas went over well, and now it’s just a few more days before we go off to Vegas. How very exciting.

So, it’s the last day of 1998. What a year. I started out in a small comedy troupe performing once a week. I moved on to join Monks’ Night Out and started performing every weekend. Did the BS3 festival, went to LA, auditioned for HBO twice, shot an anime film, shot for an internet film, wrote two plays, wrote several sketches, lost a family member, found another one, made friends in San Francisco, started an online journal, wrote for several online magazines, got a raise at my job, directed a few shows, and went to two weddings and one bachelor party.

A pretty full year. I’m happy that I am in love, I have a home, I have great friends, my family is healthy and happy, and that I have drive and desire in my life. I am happy that I am passionate about things. I am happy that I have people who share that passion with me, who inspire me to do my very best.

Last show of the year tonight. Last show in that theatre before they remodel it. Time to say goodbye to that orange stage.

So, on this, the last day of 1998, I’d like to say a thank you, and an I love you to all the friends that I’ve had through the years, and a warm hello and an embrace to those of you I met along the way this year.

Happy New Year.

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