staying still (still)

sick. day two. look out she’s still cranky.

I just feel terrible. Really terrible. I have that kind of sick where you sleep for about twenty minutes and then something wakes you back up and then you piddle around for fifteen minutes and then you sleep again for twenty. Basically you feel like you’re not sleeping at all, but your perception of time is all out of whack. Also, I’ve been falling asleep on the couch with the television on, and sometimes in my sleep I change the channel… and I’ve been having all sorts of weird dreams. I dreamt that I was at a psycho therapists office who just kept telling me the same things over and over. When I woke up I saw that I was watching some art film on Public Access, where they were showing scenes from the holocaust while dubbing self-help tapes over it. My brain feels fried.

So, my plans are now to go take a really hot bath. Well, first I’m going to update my books section… then I will take a hot bath. Hopefully Eric will bring me something home from work, although I’ve basically been able to eat only soup.

And now, after these three paragraphs, I’m beat. It will take all the strength I have just to upload.

Thanks for your patience… goofy pamie will return shortly.

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