fear me. loathe me.

So I’m a little upset. I just finished watching Eve’s Bayou last night. Man, it was incredible. I can’t believe it didn’t get ANY nominations last year. I mean, it was well-written, had direction that utilized theatrical conventions, it had strong performances from young actors (usually the pit-fall of every major motion picture) and it was filmed beautifully. To quote my boyfriend, “it had atmosphere.” Nothing. No mention. Just another film to the list of 1997- The Year the Academy Ignored. Donnie Brasco, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Austin Powers, and now Eve’s Bayou. Fuck L.A. Confidential. It sucked. Kim Basinger couldn’t act wet in the shower. 1997 was about money. What made money and what made money while it looked like it didn’t or it couldn’t. “Oh, here’s your obligatory pat on the back, The Full Monty. Aren’t you foreign filmmakers cute?” “Oh, Mr. Damon, Mr. Affleck, have a screenwriting award. We’ll ignore your acting talent until you’ve put in the time. Minnie who? Is she British? Well, nominate her, I guess. We’ll give the award to an American, anyway.” Jesus Christ.

Hey, I like the Bulls. I know this is not the “cool” thing to do right now. These people who have decided to like the Jazz for the past three weeks seem to be the most pissed off about the whole thing. How can you decide not to root for a team anymore because they win too often? Oh, they are too good? They have style, and they are classic basketball players. They keep the games interesting. They are interesting, intelligent personalities. They make you feel something. Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, you feel something for them. And you can’t hate them for making you feel more passionate about the game. And that’s why I keep watching them. Going out on top…that’s the way to do it this year.

Have you noticed that the media is going crazy with the phrase “Fear and Loathing…?” “Fear and Loathing in Austin’s night clubs.” “Fear and Loathing in Kathie Lee’s sweatshop.” “Clearance sale causes fear and loathing.” And anything “Zilla.” And mixing Godzilla with the lizards from Fear and Loathing… Terry Gilliam should sue. Get together with Perry Farrell, who should sue for every use of the word “palooza” when a bunch of shit is happening.

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