Second Annual Squishy Valentine's Day Entry

i remember
that certain summer.
you were wearing that little bikini
and we played volleyball.
i thought it would be funny
to pull the string in the back
as you went for the spike.
man, i was right.
that was funny.
I wish you had a better sense of humor.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

more than coffee.
more than a new pack of cigarettes.
more than a naked matt damon.
more than a naked matt damon and a naked mena suvari
telling me to come to bed.
more than finding twenty bucks in my jeans pocket.
more than a pixies reunion.
i really do love you.

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feeling valen-tiny?

keep calm, i gotcha covered

Happy birthday, Dad.

Happy birthday, President Lincoln.

When I was a kid I thought that since my dad shared a birthday with Lincoln, then somehow I was related. To Lincoln, I mean, I knew I was related to my father. I thought that my people all came from log cabins and were really, really tall and somewhere along the way things got screwed up and they made short little me. I also thought that everyone observed my father’s birthday because back in the day you would get a day off school for Lincoln’s birthday. Well, President’s Day, but, it’s like the same thing.

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