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  • Why Why Moms Are Weird

    Within 24 hours of posting information about my new book, someone was already complaining on Amazon. This person was nice enough to repeatedly state she was a fan of my writing, but found the title to be disappointing, and wildly lacking in imagination. I’d been planning to tell the story of how Why Moms Are […]

  • writer’s ear + office ass = runner’s tears

    Well, it’s official. Lately when I order my coffee from whichever boy is behind the counter that day, he calls me by my name and makes a joke about either my current order, or one I’ve had before. I’ve never had a coffee shop where people know me by name. This means I have logged […]

  • Los Angeles Kitten Alert!

    Los Angeles Kitten Alert!

    I know it’s a blog cliche to write about cats. But what about brand new kittens? What about brand new kittens who need a home? What about kittens found by television’s Todd Robert Anderson? Sure, other websites promise Kittens From Todd, but do they actually deliver? No. But here at pamie.com, if you want a […]

  • a short conversation

    [scripty] Pam Hello? Todd Hey, Pam. It’s Todd. Pam Hey. Todd I, uh, I read your story in the Cold Feet book. Pam Oh, wow. Hey, thanks. Todd Yeah. Pam That makes you officially the only person to have read it. Todd No. Pam Other than stee and people who are paid to read it? […]

  • What Your Friday Night Is Missing.

    [readermail] The FILM PIGS are semi-proud to present: ALTERNATE DVD COMMENTARY. Download a commentary from our web site, rent the DVD, and play them together for an authentic movie going experience right in your own home! (Authentic, assuming you go to the movies and are amazed at what pieces of crap they are.) www.filmpigs.com For […]