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  • It’s Not That Scary: The Guatemala Stories (Part Four)

    tampons/pamprin I really wrote all of that stuff before so I could tell you this, my favorite story from the trip. Okay, look. We’ve been through a lot together, you guys. So here is where I tell you that I was two hours into the road trip to Solola, at a gas station in the […]

  • she’s wicked good like tampax

    Andrea wrote this piece about tampon marketing a while ago, but I just now found it in her archives. Since I have been lame, lame, lame at updating over here, I offer you a link to her piece as a kind of make-up gift. You know, like a little box of chocolates, or I bought […]

  • Girl Talk

    like, serious GIRL talk There are a few things I think every woman should know, and I don’t know where the parenting chain breaks down, but some women don’t know about these things. And in college, it was somehow my job to teach these young girls things that their mothers and fathers assumed they knew, […]

  • meeting billy blanks and writing tampax

    your average thursday thoughts Okay, Billy. I did it. Due to my unhealthy obsession with amazon.com and my potentially obsession with Tae-Bo. I bought your book. I hope it really does show me how to do some of the exercises that I think I’m doing wrong. To tell you the truth, it’s all the guilt […]

  • to whom it may concern

    catching up on my mail Dear Eric, I am quickly starting to notice that it feels like I don’t have weekends anymore.  I rehearse every day and perform in the evenings.  Basically I now have a few hours on the weekends where the only difference in my day is I’m not at work but I’m […]