religious experience

pass the contribution plate

So there I was, sitting on the park bench, when a burning bush spoke to me….

…And no, that doesn’t mean I had a yeast infection.

It just burst into flames, sort of like the Human Torch…burning without getting burnt up. I was wondering why there never was a fireman around when you need one, when it spoke to me.

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sex tips

with side coaching


Because it’s important for us to get out and see more than the usual bookmarks that line our browsers, I took the liberty to go searching on other sites to see what they have to offer.  Today we will be looking at Glamour magazine, specifically, the Pleasure Tips.  It seems to be a random tip generator, so let’s see what “pops up,” shall we?  I’m always willing to learn a few things… We’ll just use the pronoun “he” here, since they do, and they don’t care what gender you like.

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