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  • in celebration of hot nerdy boys.

    [scripty] PAMIE How was the rest of your weekend? DANA Good. I just… I’m so frustrated, because I’m having to do all these graphs for this class, and I don’t understand some of this computer shit. I mean, I’m very smart. Obviously. But then like, I don’t have to know Excel for any part of […]

  • i am about to blind you with some serious fucking science.

    i am about to blind you with some serious fucking science.

    I’m not a Fergie fan. To the point where when someone mentioned that Fergie had an album coming out, I was skeptical that Americans would be interested in listening to an album by British Weight Watchers royalty. The first time someone told me about Fergie’s new song, that is exactly what I said back. “How […]

  • No Money, Mo Problems

    You know those days when you turn over your change jar and shake out all the quarters and then sadly you realize you have a bank account balance that would only please a twelve-year old? It’s one of those days. I hate stressing about money, and that’s the main thing going on today. I also […]

  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight

    The background music, the ongoing soundtrack of my late nights for the past five years has been provided by Playstation. Various video game orchestral swells have accompanied many a late-night writing period, or play loudly underneath my brain as I finish a book. Right now World War II is going on behind my head. It […]

  • The House of Smut Revealed

    corrupting the mormon dolls Oh, man. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m going to spend even more money today than I’ve ever spent not writing bills. pamie.com is bigger than the hosting plan I just bought. What does that mean for you? Well, it means I’m moving the site again, and in maybe […]

  • She's De-Nasty

    i thought i was the normal one. if you’re related to me or e, or even if you just know us, you might just want to skip this entry. Okay, so I gathered my receipts, looked up the number, and called the garage that screwed me over. I talked to the manager on duty and […]

  • Shh.

    i don’t know. I was just sitting here typing when I heard Eric’s voice. It’s on the television. He’s doing these cable commercials now for their cable modem service. It’s a bit jolting. It sounds like he’s in the other room asking me to buy something. The commercial makes me giggle, because he’s so damn […]

  • swirly

    my tummy and my head Matt Sadler, of Natch fame, won last night’s Open Audition for Aspen. He’s going to Los Angeles next month to compete in another finalist round. How cool is that?

  • pamieamory

    why i have to stick to just one man I was interviewed for the local paper yesterday afternoon about Squishy.  So, this Saturday there should be an article about… me and why I write this journal.  And of course now that hours have gone by since the interview I’m thinking to myself, “Did I say […]