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  • processing the new year

    processing the new year

    The morning after the wedding, we woke up and listened to this song in bed and thought about how happy we were and how perfectly the wedding went and how lucky we were to have these amazing friends and family who braved the rain and snow and winds and this strange waterfall that happens on […]

  • If we can send a

    If we can send a thousand books to California’s libraries, be the initial spark of several relationships that have turned into marriages, and reunite me with a childhood friend, for Pete’s sake we should at least be able to help Sars find Don. Somebody, please!

  • Boom.

    At the risk of sounding like I make up every crazy thing that happens around here, a car just crashed into the front of my neighbor’s house. Everybody’s okay, the car’s pretty much totaled and the house suffered worse damage than one would think. I was just sitting here working when I saw a car […]

  • No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn

    It’s almost one in the morning. I’ve now given up on the theory that I could get a tiny bit of sleep. I’m on an airplane, you see, headed towards New York City. We took off close to an hour ago. We land in not too long — about four hours. Will I get a […]

  • Classy.

    Wednesday night I had planned on updating, but my Queer as Folk forum was attacked with a two-hour case of trolls which took a manibajillion years to clean out on a dial-up. By midnight, I was way too pissed off to update. That was the night of Funky Chicken, a chicken I took out of […]

  • Man.

    you’d think after four hours I’d have written more. Last night was spent catching up with one of my oldest friends, sitting in a bar until they kicked us out, and then today I drove around town doing a combination of errands and lunch and showing him the places in Austin I’m going to miss […]