you’d think after four hours I’d have written more.

Last night was spent catching up with one of my oldest friends, sitting in a bar until they kicked us out, and then today I drove around town doing a combination of errands and lunch and showing him the places in Austin I’m going to miss the most.

After a nap, I thought I’d sit here, catch up on mail, read the new forum threads and then write my entry. Now it’s three hours later and I’m just sitting down to write the entry. That’s how busy the forum was yesterday and today. Y’all, Eric just got home. He had an entire REHEARSAL while I was sitting here catching up on one missed day.

I have learned my lesson.

As I like to start all Tuesdays where it’s absolutely beautiful outside and I’ve got the day off to play and hang out with someone important to me, I went to the gynecologist.

Two hours later I got home, curled into a ball, put my head in my friend’s lap and demanded he stroke my hair and call me a princess. “The bad lady put sharp things into me.”

She also found new ways to say, “This will hurt,” which I appreciated.

“This might pinch.”

“This might cause a cramp.”

“This will be uncomfortable.”

On an unrelated note, I got a blood test to find out my blood type. Twenty-five years and I’ve never known my blood type. They’ve just never known. I’ll know in a couple of days. See? I’m constantly learning about myself.

Yesterday Cal did the impossible by proving that he is really just an unintelligent cat. He attacked the flame of a candle. He singed the whiskers on the right side of his head. He did. Yep, “He likes to… butt things with his head.”

Suddenly, I’m also very clumsy. Last night I bent my thumbnail all the way back by sitting in a chair. I bled all over the bar. There are cuts and scratches on my hands that I don’t remember doing. My car shocks me every single time I turn it off and get out of it.

I just spent another hour talking to Eric. This entry has now taken over four hours to make. And what have I said? I guess, to recap, that I’m clumsy, crampy, own a silly cat, and miss my friend. The good thing though is that he’s also moving to Los Angeles, right about the same time I am, so ten years after we met, we finally get to hang out again. I have that strange AHH-AHHHHH-AH-AHHHHHH feeling about it that’s like, “We were supposed to meet when I was fifteen so we could hang out and be fabulous together ten years later.”

In other news, my latest Fametracker is up and running. Well, it’s not really new, it’s the other half of the reality piece that ran last month.

And now I just read Sars’ latest about her sweet kitty and I’m all crying and I’m just done here. I want to write her, but I remember how I felt and how you sort of just want to be alone for a little while because your kitty isn’t well and you can’t think straight.

I’m gonna go curl up on Eric and make him call me a princess.

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