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  • It’s Not That Scary: Shooting a Gun

    It’s Not That Scary: Shooting a Gun

    I’m not sure how Jason got it into his head that I needed to shoot a gun. I know that he’s not the only person in my life who assumed I would enjoy such a thing. Chris Huff, a weapons expert, has wanted to take me to a shooting range for years. It’s only his […]

  • (hee hee) x 3

    [scripty] Dana Happy birthday, Allison. Pamie Yeah, happy birthday. That food was so good. Allison Thanks. I love this place. Scott and I come here all the time. It’s kind of ridiculous. One time last week, we came in for lunch and dinner. Dana You must come in here a lot, because when you were […]

  • ring-ring.

    [scripty] PAMIE Hello? SARA Hi! What are you doing? PAMIE I’m watching a Planet Earth. SARA Nerd. PAMIE Technically, I was working on my book, and then I spent some time trying to figure out if I wanted to upgrade to Leopard, and now I’m watching a Planet Earth. SARA NERD! [/scripty]

  • lately…

    My days look like: coffee, dewey, clean, drive, book, work, dewey, write, book, semi-lunch, work, dewey, book, work, work, write, think, drink, read, dewey, sleep. (As opposed to Sara’s, which looks like: House, House, House, House, House, House, House, House, House. I have seen her exactly once since the strike ended, and that was late […]

  • Name Dropping… and Shattering.

    A criticism an old boyfriend used to give me (I’ll leave out his name so that it doesn’t look like I’m complaining) is that I go too far back in time to start my stories. “I ask you when did you return the video,” he’d say, “and you start with, ‘Back when I was six, […]

  • inbox, part five.

    Oh, man, do I love that first moment when people realize they’re on “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Those women go batshit. It makes me laugh my ass off every single year. [db] [readermail] Pamie, I’m just a tv fan, not involved in the industry, and I have to admit, I was really confused about the entire […]

  • day ten.

    day ten.

    Some mornings, when I’m holding my sign and walking in a circle, I realize this is the second time I’ve lost my job because of the Internet. And if you count the giant day of the dot com bust where my 401K was smashed to pennies, I find that while I only have so much […]

  • radio archive: WGN/ The Nick Digilio Show

    Nick discusses the Writers Guild of America strike with television writers Jeffrey Stepakoff (Billion-Dollar Kiss book), Pamela Ribon (Samantha Who?), and Sara Hess (House). (11/10/07) (:28:04) [That weird pause over calling me pamie is because they cut the joke I made referring to earlier in the broadcast. I swear, I didn’t just go all silent […]

  • Just Another Saturday Night

    Just Another Saturday Night

    Sara Hess would really like me to share this photo. It’s what I looked like seconds after I’d arrived at her apartment, after my multi-hour Guild meeting, before I had my first meal of the day, and not very long before our radio interview. I didn’t know she was taking the picture. But I do […]

  • “Oh, Dear” alert.

    I will be on Nick Digilio’s show on WGN Radio of Chicago (along with the talented Jeffrey Stepakoff and the incredible Sara Hess of House and Deadwood) Saturday, November 10th, at 9pm Central (7pm Pacific), to talk about the WGA strike. Oh, I’m so frightened about how live it all is. Live radio? Yikes! You […]