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  • uh,

    As you can see, I thought yesterday was Wednesday. Even on my birthday, I get the days of the week messed up. I haven’t been right in months.

  • missing shiny pretty thing

    According to my Amazon wish list, some kind person purchased the new Queens of the Stone Age album for me, perhaps for my birthday. I rarely check on purchased gifts, so I don’t know how long ago this one might have been purchased, but it’s at the top of the list, so I’m assuming it’s […]

  • the best gift

    The presents are arriving. I cannot tell from their exteriors if they are for the wedding or Christmas, so I’m just assuming everything is a wedding gift and we’re putting them aside to open after the wedding. It’s been eighty degrees around here lately, and the weather combined with all the upcoming festivities, it sort […]

  • thank you

    I wanted to make a special thank you to everyone who sent their holiday tidings this year.  In addition to the many holiday cards that are taped to my living room wall, we received several presents in the mail.  Your thank you card is on it’s way, but this is a little bit faster.

  • the aftermath

    the happy headache Wow. We opened mad presents yesterday, yo. I’m typing this wearing my new Melty t-shirt that Eric bought for me. It’s so happy and pretty and I love it so. I keep going back to this site to check out my new gift (which will be here in six to eight weeks). […]

  • grumble, grumble

    watch out I can tell the holidays are coming because I’m very busy and completely mentally occupied. I’m not thinking about what I’m doing, but rather what I won’t be doing when my vacation gets here. I just crank out work, crank out essays, crank out code, but inside I’m thinking “three more days. three […]

  • Mom's List

    christmas memories My mother loves Christmas. Every year it takes about four hours to open all of the gifts. Not because of the amount of presents, but rather because each and every one must be opened separately, and everyone has to admire the gift before moving onto the next one. Breaks have to be taken […]

  • STM


    looking for love, Pounce. Bonjour, my good friends. It iz me, Taylor. I am writing again to update you on zis holiday seazon here in my land. Perhaps you have been wondering how all of thiz holiday brouhaha haz been for me, yes? Well, let me tell you zomething. I know zat zomewhere in zis […]

  • weekend lessons

    you pick up a few things here and there. I’m going broke from everyone’s wish lists. It’s way too easy to just click and send. But in any event, thanks to Daniel, Erica and Kim, whose gifts arrived on Friday afternoon. Eric is starting to look jealous. The weekend was spent shopping, performing, eating, and […]

  • footprints

    and lack of sleep I’m exhausted. Last night was the worst. I think in the beginning of the evening I was talking in my sleep, and I believe Eric and I had a conversation about him escaping from El Salvador because he was considered evil. Shortly thereafter a car alarm went off. And not those […]