Is there anything more magical than that first second you go wireless? Answer: no.

Every single day of this week has been filled with decisions from as tiny as “Do you want a sandwich or a salad for lunch?” to the big ones like, “What will we sleep on?” There’s a point yesterday when we’d had enough. No more decisions. We got cranky. I didn’t want to have to pick out the kind of wood for the desks we’re going to build, because I don’t know enough about wood. But I still had to make more decisions. What kind of side table? What kind of dresser? How much food will the new freezer fit? Do we need the big Airport base, or will the cheaper Airport Express do the same job for less money with less space (Yes. There’s no need to buy the big ol’ Airport Base Station anymore, unless you were running a room that needed more than ten computers online at a time). When do we want the bed delivered? When will the couch be here? When will we be able to unpack the sixteen boxes that are filling the office? Where’s the tiny screwdriver that I need to install the Airport card? Is it unpacked? Is it that box? What about that box? Continue reading


I lost this entry already once. Now I will rewrite in shorthand.

I had a bad show last night. Here are the excuses:
* I just moved.
* I was moving during the rehearsals
* Mom called just before the show to tell me she was going into surgery tomorrow because the dog bit her a week and a half ago, snapping a ligament in her finger. Mom’s getting a pin in her finger. Mom always prided herself on never having a broken bone, and now she does. From the dog, who was freaked out because she’s moved and twelve and got scared.

But the real reasons: Continue reading

Turning House to Home

Still no DSL. I’m waiting for the dial-up to finish downloading email. With 367 pieces of spam and growing, I may be waiting for some time.

We painted the living room/dining room. We moved in the plants. We unpacked some of the books and all of the CDs. It is now starting to look like our home. Somewhere just after the painting, after we ordered the couch, right around when we put the table back where it belonged, that’s when I realized how much I love our home.

The sunsets are beautiful, and if you stand in the middle of the living room, it’s a panoramic view of the setting sky. A breeze kicks in through the house in the middle of the day that I love. Continue reading

I Suddenly Have a Lot of Keys

The letter from a San Diego librarian kept reappearing while packing up the old house. I didn’t know what to do with it, or where to put it, so it was circling the house until it was one of the last five things boxed up. There are always those last three boxes of crap that you never know what to do with in your home on a normal daily basis that become the very last things you pack because there’s no category for them.

It was a car full of whining last night as we drove away from the house in Silverlake (some say Silver Lake. I always hung onto the one-word spelling.) Olive was keeping a constant loop of meowing, while Cal gave the occasional mew. Taylor was pretty quiet until he heard me crying, and then he started up with a few whines.

“This is supposed to be a happy thing,” stee reminded us. Continue reading

last day in silverlake

Howard Stern is on and we’re drinking coffee while writing, our morning ritual, but I’m on the floor and the computer’s resting on an overturned laundry basket. stee’s in his underwear because we forgot to turn on the only collection of clothes last night before we went to sleep. We woke up to dirty clothes covered in soap. It’s an interesting race against time — will stee have dry clothes before the movers get here? Continue reading


We’re like a bunch of Anna Paquins around here, “But we love the piano! We want the piano! We need the piano!”

But the piano, it will not fit in the new house. It’s been stee’s piano since he was five. This makes me love the piano even more intensely, probably because I don’t have anything that’s been around since I was five. I don’t even know how to play the thing. But I’m learning, which is something I wanted to do since I was five. I always wanted a piano, but we moved so often that we could never have one. My parents, as it turns out, were right. It’s hard to move with this big instrument. Continue reading

Four on the floor. Or five, really, counting Olive.

We gave away our couch and chair to Out of the Closet today. That made a lot more sense before I realized we still had another two days to live in the house. We’re sitting on the floor, watching the Olympics. This is another one of those “sink pasta” moments that will be incredibly romantic years from now, I’m sure.

The house is mostly packed. But by that I mean we still have all of the kitchen and most of our clothes and an alarming part of the garage to go. Continue reading

I wanted to publicly remind

I wanted to publicly remind myself that one of the great things about leaving this house is that I’ll never have to listen to the continuing education of Little Drummer Boy. Today he’s working on solos. Long, rambling, cymbal-filled solos. He and his friends have recently discovered how much they love Bob Marley, and they play Legend for hours in their backyard, just under this window where I work.

to do

I understand Allison’s need to post in all caps. When you get to the point where you’re looking at your to do list and it’s longer than there are minutes in the day, all you know how to do anymore is emphasize just how busy you are. Like Jack talking to Wendy when she interrupts him working. It’s distracting. Continue reading