Four on the floor. Or five, really, counting Olive.

We gave away our couch and chair to Out of the Closet today. That made a lot more sense before I realized we still had another two days to live in the house. We’re sitting on the floor, watching the Olympics. This is another one of those “sink pasta” moments that will be incredibly romantic years from now, I’m sure.

The house is mostly packed. But by that I mean we still have all of the kitchen and most of our clothes and an alarming part of the garage to go.

There are so many things that need to be done that the temptation to do nothing is so great. It makes you want to just go fetal.

And since I’m me, I have a show going up the week after I move. Because I’m crazy.

Holy crap. In one week, one shit-ass week, we can relive the magic again. We can learn to live again.

Escape (The Pina Colada Song): The Musical is premiering and closing monday August 23rd at the comedy central workspace. It’s a one night only Rupert Holmes love fest at 8 pm. It’s free but you need to get off your stoner ass and make a reservation at 323) 960-5519.

Pam Ribon and Chip Pope and et all. (Jason Allen on drums, ladies. Grrrr!) With rehearsals provided by Matt Young! Did I mention Shane Laser? I see now I’ve got your attention.

We were sitting around packing last night and heard Cal wailing but it was too distant to be Cal but then we realized with sudden, cold fear that it was Cal and he wasn’t in the house. We ran into the garage and found the door was open and we ran out back and found Cal all puffed up and Taylor scared out of his mind. The neighbor’s dog was barking. From the best we can tell, Taylor tried to run away, sick of the idea of having to move again, and went outside for the first time in his life. Cal followed and yelled as loud as he could to get him in trouble. We heard Cal’s cry for help and the cats were so happy to see us that they ran into the house as quickly as they could. Cal was so proud of himself for the rest of the night, that he made sure his buddy got home safe and sound. He sat around with this proud face, keeping Taylor always in his view.

Since they took the couch and chair, Cal has been running around the house frantically, trying to explain to us that it wasn’t his fault that we’ve been robbed of all furniture.

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