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  • morning.


    Goooood morning. I’m early for a meeting, and there’s wireless here. Yesterday I had a 9:00 meeting on the other side of town, which meant I left at 7:30 and still was a few minutes late. This morning I have an 8:00 meeting, so I left the house at 6:30. I’m here almost a full […]

  • Twitchy Woman

    I woke up with it two days ago. A tiny twitch in my right eye. It comes and goes — it’s not a constant twitching –but it’s driving me crazy. At first I thought I just needed a cup of coffee. Then I figured I needed three cups of coffee. I was still twitching. I […]

  • Love is Strange

    The best thing I overheard the other night: “But that’s literally what he said. The whole letter, right there. That’s literally what he said. I mean, not word-for-word, but pretty much.” It is the most overused word of the decade. “Literally.” Everybody’s literally doing figurative things. I am literally squirming in my seat over my […]

  • losing my lunch.

    why i order water I’m terrible about lunch dates.  You know how sometimes you have to meet people for lunch that you don’t know very well?   Usually it’s to discuss some upcoming project or something like that.   I’m bad at this.  I get too nervous.  I always end up coming too early.  I’ll show up […]