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It’s been busy here at Pamie Central with the new book coming out. Have you pre-ordered yet? Did you know that pre-ordering helps me TREMENDOUSLY? If you’re a fan of anything I’ve written for free over the years and perhaps aren’t a reader of this type of book, please think about buying one for the person in your life who would love this kind of book. PS: Do you have any idea how sexy/romantic/sweet it is to buy a book for someone? It’s better than flowers, I promise you. (Unless that book is about dieting.)
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Interview-ish: Book Notes

I’m a huge fan of Largehearted Boy’s website, where music and words are totally boyfriend/girlfriend. So I was flattered when he said I could contribute a playlist about Why Moms Are Weird for Book Notes. The concept is to write a list of songs or albums that inspired or are featured in the novel. After the eighteenth song I had to walk away from the Word document, or I would have had to photocopy my iPod and scan it into the piece.

My novel now has a mix tape.