Oh, dear.

I don’t understand why I let anyone interview me with a camera.

Go here to see me on the picket line, directing traffic while trying to explain the importance of representation for writers and compensation in new media.

Also on that page, giving interview much better than I do, is my showrunner, the fantastic Donald Todd, who might look and sound like Dr. House, but Don treats his staff with much more respect.

Fake Viewer Mail

Hey, Pamie.

Longtime reader here. I was just wondering what happened to your friend Michelle Biloon, the one who used to run an advice column in your forum with her mother? Fun fact about Michelle: She once got her viewer mail answered on the Letterman program. True story!


Bigger Michelle Fan Than You


Dear Fan:

I did know that. I know everything about you, because I just created you as an excuse to brag that Michelle’s got a big article about how awesome she is in this week’s LA Weekly.


Hey, Pamie. Did you see the part where she totally dissed you?



Dear Fan.

I once spent an entire night doing my Michelle Biloon impression in front of people she hadn’t met before. I had that one coming.


CU@USC has been the University of Southern California’s premier college talk show for the past 10 years. Our show is filmed live every weeknight from 6:30 to 7pm and airs on the USC cable network, Trojan Vision, a completely student run television station. In addition, we are broadcast nightly on Los Angeles city cable station LA36 and are currently expanding to many different markets. CU@USC also streams live at www.trojanvision.com.

CU@USC is committed to highlighting life in Los Angeles – everything from the local government to the entertainment industry to social life to non-profit organizations. Past guests of CU@USC have included: Steven Spielberg, Brent Bolthouse, George Lucas, Jason Lee, Andrew Niccol, Tom Hanks, Colin Farrell, Bill Lawrence, Jeff Margolis, 30 Seconds to Mars, Anderson Cooper, Fiona Apple, Sarah Silverman, Pulitzer prize winner Michael Cunningham, Alfred Molina, and Hanson, among many, many others.

And tonight they’ve decided to interview me. Live. Live television. Totally live. Continue reading

Digital Marathon Article: New York Times

“You don’t notice the time going by,” said Pamela Ribon, who credits Britney Spears’s “Toxic” for her “fifth wind” during the 24th mile and sixth hour of the ultrahumid Maui marathon in September.Running the Digital Marathon

Did I really say I didn’t notice the time going by? That’s hilarious. This is how you end up conning yourself into running another one.

Podcast: Film Pigs: Silent Hill

The Film Pigs make alternate DVD commentary for movies that suck. This week they invited me to join them.

Silent Hill (2006)

What Halloween would be complete without an awkward video-game-to-movie translation? Watch in horror as a concerned mother deals with her child’s terrible nightmares about a town called “Silent Hill” by putting her daughter in the car and maniacally crashing it into a town called “Silent Hill.” For some reason, this makes the child run away from her mother, seeking comfort from the town’s compliment of shambling ash babies. 2 hour movie. 20 minute expository ending. 5 minutes of good gore. 1 Strippercop. PLUS, guest commentator Pamela Ribon delays a very important phone call to join us in anticipation of Scary Cakes!

Don’t miss the moment when I inadvertently insult my husband, two of my closest friends, the internet, technology, and you — all at the same time.

Podcast: Bat Segundo

If you haven’t listened to the The Bat Segundo Show, you’re missing out.

Edward Champion sat across from me at a cafe in Berkeley with a stack of my books, super-charged coffee, and some microphones. We talked about writing books as a franchise, chick lit, coffee, unrequited love, dysfunction, the birth of blogs, if porn is still free, and more. Wow, do I tell him things I wouldn’t expect to say in an interview. He’s that good. It’s the closest I’ve come to being on Inside the Actors Studio.

You can hear all of it right here. You can truly hear the moment when the coffee shoots me straight to hyperdork.

Interview-ish: Book Notes

I’m a huge fan of Largehearted Boy’s website, where music and words are totally boyfriend/girlfriend. So I was flattered when he said I could contribute a playlist about Why Moms Are Weird for Book Notes. The concept is to write a list of songs or albums that inspired or are featured in the novel. After the eighteenth song I had to walk away from the Word document, or I would have had to photocopy my iPod and scan it into the piece.

My novel now has a mix tape.

goodnight, topeka.

I am now, officially, sick of myself.

Podcast and video clips will be posted on the Topeka website in a few days. But it’s very different from the last time I went on a book tour. This time, there’s You Tube.

LN James found me in the bathroom, and asked if I’d shoot some video for her.

“In the bathroom?” I think I asked about six times.

“No, it doesn’t have to be.”

The next thing I know I’m being recorded, and later I took a picture with her where my clothes were falling off. Because when I go Topeka, I go classy. See?

I broke a key off my keyboard today. My keyboard has a taped-on key. I’m rocking a NerdBoard.

i speak good, y’all.

“But the stuff that’s going on isn’t much I haven’t talked about before.”

What?! Seriously, I have to stop reading my own interviews.

The Washington Post’s Express recently asked some questions about my book, my weight, and my jeans. I think I’m going to have to hire someone who listens to me give interviews so I stop splitting infinitives all over the place.

dork alert.

“Most people call me Pam. But people who really like me call me Pamie. People who really love me call me sweetheart. My mom calls me Pamie. The internet calls me pamie. In official titles, I’m Pamela. Um… most people call me Pam.”

Man. Why can’t I shut up?

Jay Laird of EDGE Providence tries to make me sound like every once in a while I stop thinking about myself long enough to understand how words work in this interview.

And thank you, Pooks, for making me blush.