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  • The day I have to finally admit that I might be rapidly turning into Hoda.

    The day I have to finally admit that I might be rapidly turning into Hoda.

    I’ve mentioned before, but probably not on pamie.com, that I watch Kathie Lee and Hoda most mornings. That’s not exactly true — I have it on while I’m working. Depending on which part of the house I choose to work from that day (couch if I’m feeling frustrated, desk if I’m feeling self-punishey), I will […]

  • blood, sweat and tears

    Which of the following things didn’t happen to me this past weekend? A) Cried at a museum. B) Ran seven miles. C) Met someone in a hot tub who knew Dan from college. D) Held Sara’s head as blood gushed down her face. E) Stayed at home, finishing my book edits. Then went to the […]

  • rusty.

    i started class We had DSL problems and I’ve been busy, so pretend I’m writing this last Thursday and not today, which is Monday. Well, I started my comedy classes. I’ve learned I’m quite rusty. I hadn’t done any real improv work in almost a year. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, I did […]

  • double ditto

    (insert heavy sigh here) Wow. You know, I knew yesterday was going pretty bad, but it only got worse. We got the phone call. We aren’t going to Aspen. Let’s see how I handled this last year… Great. Good to know that it’s not exactly the same, I mean, at least this time I have […]

  • cranky

    too many planes So, I think the secret is out: I was out of town this weekend. Since Matt had won the stand-up finals here in Austin he was getting to perform at the Los Angeles Finals at the Improv last Saturday night and we wanted to go out and support him. We decided to […]

  • “get up, rooster! kick his ass!”

    did i just say that? Last night, for the first time in my life, I enjoyed wrestling. This is a very new experience for me, as I’ve always had that nose-in-the-air disdain for the entire wrestling corporation.  But this was a bit different.  This was Blue High Machine.  Imagine this:  you’re at a local bar […]

  • miss.

    I am nervous about my show tonight. Quite nervous, actually. I haven’t done the one person show in a while. To see what’s going on in the comedy community, check out the Monks’ page. I miss my boyfriend. I miss sleeping. I miss television. I miss doing nothing. I miss my boyfriend. I really miss […]

  • “my, my” that sounds familiar

    why weird al is almost a monk Well, it looks like I’ll be uploading in the afternoons for a little while, like a few weeks.  Most of you won’t even notice the change, but those of you who wait for ten a.m. central time every day to see a new Squishy, it may be a […]

  • independence day

    celebrating my freedom to do nothing for four days Did everyone have a good weekend?  I sure did. The great thing about the Independence Day holiday is that you really don’t have any sort of obligations like you do with other holidays.  You don’t have to go and see people.  You don’t have a long […]

  • little voice

    I’m feeling a bit better Well, what happens when you sit around your house for two days feeling sorry for yourself and not talking? Your voice comes back. Not completely, but enough for me to come back to work.  Enough for me to get out of the house, which I really needed.  Last night I […]