11/11: Make a Wish

Hmm… I think this episode might air a week later than this site thinks. I’ll keep you posted.

The point is:

My name will be on my TiVo…next to the word “Oprah.” It’s like every word I’ve ever written was all leading to this one moment. It’s very exciting.

Gayle is very nice and tall and pretty. This is the clip of conversation I thought you’d appreciate.

Love the “vagina” joke. Oprah and I were laughing about that.

Thank you so much for doing the show.

I made Oprah laugh.

Look at Pam’s face. I wish I had a camera.

Wow. Oprah really does make your wildest dreams come true.

writer’s ear + office ass = runner’s tears

Well, it’s official. Lately when I order my coffee from whichever boy is behind the counter that day, he calls me by my name and makes a joke about either my current order, or one I’ve had before. I’ve never had a coffee shop where people know me by name. This means I have logged some serious hours here, and the staff is very friendly. Continue reading

this is a reminder to myself

This entry is for me. I don’t want to forget today, as I’m home now, thinking about everything that happened that led me to here.

I wake up in this house that is mine, that I own, with my husband. He lets me sleep in. I get to work early. I drink coffee. Email. More email. I work on my script. I take a moment to give a friend and her family a tour of the lot, driving a cart through Stars Hollow, around the ER set. This is my daily life, these places that used to exist solely on my television. I’m on the other side now, and I am incredibly grateful. I hope it lasts. Also, I get a weird thrill out of driving the cart. Continue reading

It’s Not A Phobia If It’s Rational

I don’t like dolls. I’m not going to freak out around your Barbie, but if you’ve got one of those old-timey, eyes shut when you lower it, hair like Firestarter dolls, then I’m not going to stay in the same room with it. It’s that simple. My semi-pediophobia comes from a very real place, and once you know about it, you can’t deny the fact that I have every reason in the world to be terrified of dolls. Continue reading

Stars Hollow-een

We were talking about scary movies at work when someone said, “You know the last thing I did that really scared me? I rode my bike back from the stage to the office last night.”

I knew exactly what he was about to say. “Oh, God!” I shouted. “You rode through Stars Hollow at night!”


“It’s terrifying!” Continue reading

I Have Nice Boobs

Dalton Ross does not like boobs. He also doesn’t like boob jokes. He does not like Hot Properties. He gave it a D. Hey, Mencia got a D-, so I’m moving up!

This is karmic payback for when we tried updating Mullendash to Rossdash. Dan was way too good at it, and all of my Rossdashes sounded like drunken ramblings over jilted relationships.

Toussaint McCall (and Various): Hairspray Soundtrack

Song: “Nothing Takes The Place Of You

I’m supposed to be writing something else right now, but this song started playing and completely pulled me away. Any song from the Hairspray soundtrack — and by that I mean the movie that inspired the Broadway musical that inspired a movie I plan on never seeing — always makes me stop for a second. The songs aren’t the kind I listen to normally, but they are immediate mood changers.

This is the case with every John Waters soundtrack I have. And yes, I have a few.

Continue reading

forced perspective

This has been a hell of a week. We are in production on the episode I wrote, so every minute of the day I’m learning something. I’m very lucky that my co-workers don’t treat me like the new kid, and make me feel very much a peer. With that comes the added responsibility of not acting like the new kid. Sometimes I worry I look way too green. I’m still learning how everything works, what the expectations are, and when I’ve made a much bigger deal out of something than I need to. Continue reading