Tag: Homeownership

  • Them!

    We have been battling ants for the entire summer. This is nothing new. Every summer in Los Angeles, dehydrated ants make their way into our apartments and houses, coffee shops and restaurants, trying to find something to drink. Or at least, that’s what I thought. The ants seem to be uninterested in food (save for […]

  • happy houseiversary

    Didn’t sleep very much last night. Woke up early, took a bath, and then watched an episode of House. This is very fitting, as one year ago today, we moved into our own little house.

  • random

    Lately, people have made a point to let me know their wishes in the event of their untimely death (or persistent vegetative state). But if any of you are hoping to be shot out of a peyote button clenched in the palm of a 53-foot high Gonzo fist, you should probably let me know now […]

  • Me, Me, Me, Blah, Blah, Blah

    Sometimes the week gets away from me, in terms of this website. When that happens, when a huge week goes by and I haven’t been writing about it, the thought of trying to catch up can seem quite daunting. I’m having one of those weeks when I wonder why we have this relationship, you and […]

  • tricked.

    We didn’t have any candy for trick-or-treaters last night, as we spent almost all of yesterday flying back to California, and the rest of it driving from LAX to our home. While unpacking, cleaning, sorting and cat-checking, all the things you do when you return home after ten days, we remembered that it was Halloween. […]

  • Recap Up, Tummy Full

    In honor of Martha starting her prison sentence, I figured I’d have an uber-woman day. I wrote a recap, swept the floors, made cookies, hung pictures using a template and a ruler, cleaned the bathroom, shopped, did laundry, made salsa and guacamole from scratch and then grilled steaks and vegetables with friends as we drank […]

  • distractions

    The house is so smart. See, over the past week I’ve finally had some time (read: due to the fact that I’m supposed to be finishing this manuscript, and it’s much easier to say, “I really need to hang that picture.”) to get the house pulled together a bit. The screen door, which fell off […]

  • potholes in my lawn

    We are on the porch, working, enjoying both the view and a very rare quiet moment. I’m taking a break to update you on Skunk Watch 2004. We have motion-sensor lights in front, so we left those on last night. I also sprinkled enough cayenne pepper on my front lawn to turn those grubs into […]

  • Turning House to Home

    Still no DSL. I’m waiting for the dial-up to finish downloading email. With 367 pieces of spam and growing, I may be waiting for some time. We painted the living room/dining room. We moved in the plants. We unpacked some of the books and all of the CDs. It is now starting to look like […]

  • I Suddenly Have a Lot of Keys

    The letter from a San Diego librarian kept reappearing while packing up the old house. I didn’t know what to do with it, or where to put it, so it was circling the house until it was one of the last five things boxed up. There are always those last three boxes of crap that […]