Recap Up, Tummy Full

In honor of Martha starting her prison sentence, I figured I’d have an uber-woman day.

I wrote a recap, swept the floors, made cookies, hung pictures using a template and a ruler, cleaned the bathroom, shopped, did laundry, made salsa and guacamole from scratch and then grilled steaks and vegetables with friends as we drank quite a bit of wine and played bocce. I had never grilled anything before on my own, but we figured it out with the right combination of charcoal and lighter fluid. Perhaps one day I’ll be ready to move on from our one-foot diameter grill, but tonight it was exactly the right size to feed the three of us, and the steaks were really, really good. I mean, we made it with fire!

Wing was busy too, because my recap is posted. It’s one of those recaps where I really couldn’t stay on topic. On a Sunday morning, with the right amount of coffee, I’ll write anything to keep from recapping.

The People Vs. Rushed Character Development: Luke and Lorelai go on their first real date, where Lorelai gives it up pretty damn easily. Rory goes through her new choices in boyfriends, and still picks the married man. Paris is the only one mourning the death of her professor boyfriend. Emily and Richard fight. Luke is shirtless. CuteDean makes an appearance. Yale is full of dicks.

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