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  • maybe i won’t kick it

    at least not for a few days I love Eric. I’m just saying that now. Getting it out of the way. I want him to read that, know that. I want him to know that I support him in all of his endeavors, and I wish him nothing but happiness and success in whatever he […]

  • stupid! stupid! stupid!

    you might not want to look I’m going to Aspen.

  • sigh! hic! snarf!

    it’s good to have a breakdown, right? First off, I would like to say that I have a really hard time spelling the word “February.” I constantly want to spell it “Februrary.” And every once in a while my brain does so much of that “You know there’s that ‘r’ in there you always fuck […]

  • levels of geek

    levels of geek

    why eric can no longer tease me The show went really well. People laughed in all the right spots, and I think they laughed more than the cast thought they would. I like looking in at the actors’ faces the second that thought comes over them like, “Wait a minute! Pam’s right! They really do […]

  • opening night

    opening night

    doing it for the kids Today I am dressed up and sitting very, very still while I do my work so my hair and makeup stay exactly the same for the next ten hours. My play goes up tonight. Pay no attention to the fact that they misspelled my name. Everyone always does. I’m just […]

  • chicks dig me

    must be my golden voice… or my girlish charm I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. My life is never boring. Last night, I became Madonna. I’m not really sure when it happened, or how it happened… okay I guess in retrospect I can see sorta how it happened, but I’m getting ahead […]

  • How I spent USSR

    How I spent USSR

    plotting how to be the ultimate in cool Flashback. pamie’s brain. Sixth Grade. Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading time. How cool would it be to have a retainer? Oh, man, if I just had a retainer, I would be the coolest. See here, how I’ve bent this paper clip all out of shape and shaped it […]

  • getting to know you

    or rather, me I had to get up very early this morning to take a class at work. This has ruined my stomach. For some reason if I wake up at seven in the morning, then I have to have breakfast on my way to work or I’m crabby. But then after I eat my […]

  • The twelve days of pamie

    i go neurotic about hosting I will never catch up on my journal reading. I am just going to accept that and move on with my life. My sniffly, sneezy life.